We have set our goal to place the Trikke EV in the top 3 market segment of urban mobility. To reach this goal we feel the need to further develop our ride to meet with the wishes of our customers and standard in the market.

Integrated head & tail lights

A wish of many customers was an integrated light system. No more hassle with separate light kits and batteries or chargers. Just one button to switch on a high beam head light and tail lights.
On a light electric vehicle you are vulnerable in traffic and you need to be visible. The headlight is approved for road use on light motorbikes and has an integrated reflector. The taillights also have a brake light function, to show traffic coming from behind that you are slowing down. Extra dual rear reflectors make you even more visible for upcoming traffic.

LCD Cockpit display

Another wish is to have a speedometer, so we have added a LCD Cockpit  display to the handlebar. The display is illuminated so you can see it in the dark as well. Next to the current speed you can see the average speed, max speed, distance, riding time and total distance. You can also see the voltage and current (aH) of the battery. When keeping an eye on the top bar you can see how many current (Ah) you are pulling from the battery. The less bars in the meter the less energy you are using and the more range you will have.

Tests & approvals

The eV6 has passed the EMC test according to EC R10.4 regulation and as a side project we have been working with TUV Nord on a vehicle that is road legal in Germany. The eV6 is at the basis of this vehicle, but with amongst others a front brake and license plate bracket as extra additions. This model has been tested and approved  by TUV Nord this week. 

Launch Hannover Messe

The Trikke eV6 will be officially launched at the Hannover Messe 2014. This exhibition is one of the biggest industrial events in the world and attracts a lot of visitors and press. This Sunday the exhibition will be opened by illusionist Hans Klok with the Trikke on stage. Special guests are Angela Merkel (Bundeskanselier Germany) & Mark Rutte (Dutch Prime Minister). On Monday we will host a presentation about Urban Transport on the main stage in the Dutch Pavilion in Hall3. We will end the presentation with the introduction of the Trikke eV6.