The new “Trikke eV7 Security" has been designed with security services in mind. It works perfect for rounds on spacious grounds. It will take only a fraction of the time compared to patrolling on foot. The completely redesigned security vehicle can be seen on Hannover Messe.



EV7-cut-outThe Trikke (pronounced Trike) is a great success in many countries. For commuters to get from home to work without local emission, without parking stress and without traffic jams. At the same time the Trikke light electric vehicles (LEV) are being put to work at large facilities and public areas for patrolling and crowd control. The current eV6 model is a great solution, but the security market sometimes demands a more rugged ride and that led to the development of the eV7.


The Trikke eV7 boast various new functions that have been on the wish-list of many Trikke riders around the world.
- Integrated running lights
- Front and rear adjustable shock absorption
- Wide and extra rugged decks
- All road tubeless tires
- LCD cockpit display
- Kick-stand
- Easier folding


The new vehicle from aircraft aluminium still weighs only 26 kg, so it hasn’t lost its original functionality that set it apart from its competitors. It can be easily carried up a flight of stairs, it can ride in the elevator, on an escalator and can be folded like an umbrella with two handles to be transported in a car over longer distances to other locations. The driver has both feet firmly on the foot platforms above the rear wheels. The 3-point stands and the patented carving mechanism offer a stable and secure riding platform. The throttle and brakes are like a Scooter/Moped, which is very easy and intuitive to ride. Up to 25 km/h with a range of up to 45 km. For around 10cts of electricity costs. And within 3 hours, the battery is charged at any electrical outlet - it is hot-swappable, so the patrolling officer can use the Trikke practically around the clock.


The eV7 is build exclusively for the security market, therefore it is also equipped with additional features such as integrated LED strobes, sirens, security optics, GPS and a gear bag.


The vehicle’s construction has proven itself thousands of times: Trikke models without motor are used worldwide for many years as a robust sports and downhill ski vehicle. The established manufacturer from the Netherlands offers a 24 hour online service. Compared to other solutions, Trikke is recommended because of European quality production and of its impressive price-performance ratio.


"With a Trikke the security service is more productive," says Joris de Luij from the manufacturer Trikke Europe in the Netherlands The Hague. "It allows for more patrol rounds in less time, and without the physical efforts". More information at and at Hal 27, Stand M 20 Hannover Messe 2015. The expected production date for the first  eV7 production models will be summer 2015. 


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