By combining regular training on Trikke 3 point carving vehicles (3CV) and eating a well balanced and low fat daily menu, you can achieve amazing weight loss and overall health improvement. The Trikke 3CV’s are amazing machines that combine fun with fitness. You don’t feel like exercising, really you don’t! You just want to ride again and again. Many riders experience it as an addiction; a good one!

Did you know the research done by he University of The Hague and Amsterdam, showes that you can burn between 500 and 1000kcal per hour? That's two double hamburgers with cheese... Next to that research done by Emporia State University, shows that the whole muscular system is in use while riding a Trikke! 

 So riding a Trikke 3CV burns calories, burns fat and builds muscles. When you start riding you will feel your heart rate go up and feel your muscles getting tight. You will also be surprised of the weight you are losing. Do not be surprised when you will start eating a bit more, this is very normal since you are burning calories on your 3CV. This extra food is good, as long as it has carbohydrates and no fats. Think healthy so think fruits, vegetables, salads etc. etc. 

Since riding a 3CV burns a lot of calories you must balance your eating habits accordingly. A lot of people are to focussed on losing weight and they don't eat enough. You must make sure that the difference between the Calories burned during a ride and the Cal's you becomes not larger than 750 kcal per day, because then the possibilities exists that you start burning muscles instead of fat! So a well balanced menu will help you to ride into a healthier lifestyle.  

Many people think you need to exercise long and especially do easy going sports like walking or cycling to lose weight. It is however better to do a more intensive sport like riding a 3CV. This way you can burn the same amount of fats but also more carbohydrates and glycogen. During an easy going 3CV training you burn approximately 500 kcal per hour. The percentage of fats is approximately 50%. The usage of fat is therefore 250 kcal. At intensive Trikke 3CV training burns a lot more: 1000 kcal per hour. The usage of energy out of fat has however decreased to 25%, but at this intensive training you burned 25% of 1000kcal, which means also 250 kcal! Another important advantage is that after the next meal the glycogen stocks in the muscles are replenished first and afterwards the possible leftover energy is stored as body mass. It must be stated that easy exercises like walking can be done longer and can therefore burn more fat. This however costs more time and in these days we actually don’t have that many spare time.

With the Trikke carving vehicles you can also do an interval training in which you combine the two. You combine intensive carving at high speed and climbing hills with carving downhill and just cruising to get you heart rate back to a lower fat burning level.

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