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The Trikke is electric, has no local emissions, takes up very little space and is thereby a sustainable and environmental mode of urban mobility.


The Trikke is tested by the Dutch Road Safety Authorities and approved by TÜV Nord. More important, it is easy to control and offers more overview and visibility in traffic due to the standing riding position.


Everybody can instantly ride the Trikke. Plus the Trikke is foldable and easy to store and transport. At home, in the car or at the office.

Trikke riding

Riding a Trikke is simplicity itself; step on, turn-on the electrics and twist the throttle to control the speed. That’s it. The Trikke has a maximum speed of 25km/h, you don’t need a drivers licence and a helmet isn’t obligatory. (local rules and regulations may defer, check rules and regulation)

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How do you carry luggage on a Trikke?

On the Trikke you can off course wear your backpack or shoulder bag. But it’s even easier to carry your luggage in the optional cargo net. This can attach to the Trikke between the two legs, so that the center of gravity is low. The cargo net has several hooks that secure your luggage.

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Does a Trikke have lights?

There are several mounting points on the Trikke to place lights. It is also allowed to wear light on your clothing in most EU countries. The eV6 models have integrated head & tail lights. 

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Can you lock the Trikke? 

With the key you turn off the Trikke and lock the battery to the frame. Without the key, you can not turn on the Trikke or take of the battery.
To unable the Trikke for moving, you can secure it with an approved lock, as you would do with a bicycle. Folding and storing the Trikke in a secure place is an option too.



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Can you fold the Trikke?

You can find two folding knobs below the steering column. When you pull these, you unlock the two "arms" and fold on the Trikke. The folded Trikke is: 140cm long, 67cm wide and 35cm high.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most EU countries the Trikke EV is classified as an e-bike and can be used on public roads. In several countries like Germany and The Netherlands additional approval and insurance is needed.
There are various Trikke Electric vehicles and ranges vary between 15 and 40km of range. The most sold model the eV5 has a range of 25-30km and this is sufficient to cross any EU city!
The Trikke vehicles can be bought at you local dealer or online. Check out if there is a dealer near you in the dealer locator.